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Students studying in Class 10th and 12th under the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) can find comprehensive information related to Nagaland Board exams on this page. Class 10th is a pivotal phase for NBSE students as they undergo their first board exams. Following successful completion of Class 10, students have the freedom to choose their preferred subjects among Science, Commerce, and Arts for further studies in Class 11th and 12th.

Nagaland Board of School Education:

The chosen stream significantly influences their academic journey in Class 11th and 12th. Class 12th marks the culmination of school education and holds immense importance for securing admissions to esteemed government colleges based on scores obtained in the Nagaland Board Class 12 exams. Additionally, competitive exams often include the Class 11th and 12th curriculum, urging students to dedicate themselves to thorough preparation.

Information for Nagaland Board Students:

Students of the Nagaland Board of School Education can access various details such as exam date sheets, syllabus, question papers, sample papers, and results through this page. The links provided below cover essential aspects for both Nagaland Board Class 10 and Nagaland Board Class 12:

Visit the official Nagaland Board of School Education website for additional information.

What is Nagaland Board of School Education?

The Nagaland Board of School Education stands as a cornerstone in the landscape of school education in the state, distinguished for its prominence and widespread adoption. Serving as the foundation for numerous government and private schools, both within the state and beyond its borders, the Nagaland Board of School Education is entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the educational trajectory of millions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

People also ask:

Certainly! However, please note that specific FAQs for the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) may change over time, and it’s always a good idea to check the official website or contact the board directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, here are some general FAQs and answers that might be relevant:

Q1: When was the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) established?

A: The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) was established on November 15, 1973.

Q2: What is the official website of NBSE?

A: The official website of NBSE is

Q3: How can I contact NBSE for any queries?

A: You can contact NBSE through their official contact details available on their website. This may include phone numbers, email addresses, or a dedicated contact form.

Q4: What are the functions of NBSE?

A: The NBSE is responsible for designing and updating the curriculum, conducting examinations, and various other activities related to school education in the state of Nagaland.

Q5: How can I check NBSE exam results?

A: NBSE exam results are usually published on the official website. You can check the results by entering your exam roll number or other required details.

Q6: When does the academic session usually start for Nagaland schools?

A: The academic session for Nagaland schools typically starts in the month of April.

Q7: How can I apply for a duplicate mark sheet or certificate?

A: For duplicate mark sheets or certificates, you will need to contact the NBSE board office. There might be a formal application process and fees associated with it.

Q8: What is the passing criteria for NBSE examinations?

A: The passing criteria for NBSE examinations may vary depending on the class or examination. It is advisable to check the official guidelines or contact the board for specific information.

Q9: Are there any scholarship programs provided by NBSE?

A: NBSE may offer scholarship programs. Students are encouraged to check the official website or contact the board for information on available scholarships and eligibility criteria.

Q10: Can I get a migration certificate from NBSE?

A: Yes, you can usually obtain a migration certificate from NBSE. The process and requirements may be available on the official website or can be obtained by contacting the board office directly.

Remember to verify the information from the official NBSE website or contact the board directly for the most accurate and current details.

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